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Owning The Ink in Your Industry with Andy Buyting

Episode Summary

Andy Buyting is founder and CEO of Tulip Media, a business combining digital and print media - digital marketing effectiveness is going down, print marketing effectiveness is going up. Key takeaways: The rise and fall of Green Village Home and Garden Dealing with a very public bankruptcy Why he became a Scale Up coach How he got into the publishing business How Tulip Media can help your business Why you need to create content for both digital and print platforms

Episode Notes

What do you do when the banks foreclose on your $6.5m loans, just as you’re trying to scale your business? And then you endure a very public bankruptcy as the bank wants to show that no one is untouchable? For some people that might be the end of them, for Andy Buyting it was the beginning. 

“It feels like I died. And the whole town is showing up for the reading of the will to see what they can get out of it.”

Andy is founder and CEO of Tulip Media, a very successful business combining digital and print media. This idea sprang from the ashes of his former business, Green Village Home and Garden - a home and garden shop in Canada. 

Like many people and businesses, Andy was hit hard by the global financial crisis of 2007, but he didn’t let it drag him down. Today, alongside running Tulip Media, Andy is also a certified Scale Up coach, sharing over 20 years of sales, marketing, operations, business development and entrepreneurship experience with his clients as he travels across the US and Canada, talking to entrepreneurs about how they can own the ink in their industry. 

“My track record speaks for itself. Over 57% of the “for-profit” organisations that I have coached over the past 10 years have gone on to sell for 2x+ industry multiple and often 5-10x founders expectations.”

This is a hugely insightful and honest conversation; we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

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