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Swarming To Innovate with Dennis Hahn

Episode Summary

If you’re looking for a way to innovate your business, try the swarming method. There’s collaboration, then there’s swarming. Don’t miss this latest episode of The Melting Pot with Dennis Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer at Liquid Agency to learn more. Key takeaways: What swarming is and how it’s used to engage leadership teams The evolution of swarming The benefit of using the Swarm method Why innovation happens in a down cycle The tools Liquid uses The power trio in an organisation

Episode Notes

If you’re looking for a new way to innovate your business, don’t miss this latest episode of The Melting Pot with Dennis Hahn, Chief Strategy Officer at Liquid Agency. A few months ago we had Marty Neumeier on the podcast (you can find the link to his episode in the links section). 

Dennis and Marty work at the same firm. You may wonder what Dennis can share with you that you wouldn’t get from Marty’s episode. The short answer is, a lot; the longer answer lies in the podcast. 

Dennis leads teams of strategists across Liquid’s offices, providing expertise, mentoring and consulting on a wide range of significant strategic branding initiatives for clients that include GE, John Deere, Microsoft, Nasdaq, Nordstrom, PayPal, Silicon Valley Bank and Walmart.

Dennis’ particular expertise lies in what they call ‘The Swarm Method’. Swarming is a way of helping businesses pull from the very essence of their being, the solution to a problem that they’re struggling with. 

Swarming involves not just sitting down with the executive team and hashing out details, but rather running a workshop with as many stakeholders as possible, across your whole organisation, to pool resources and conduct an incredibly diverse brainstorming session.

“We're solving brand problems, we're designing brand strategies, we're designing culture for workplace culture, we're doing customer experience mapping and all kinds of things through the swarming method.”

If you haven’t tried swarming, we hope this episode gives you the impetus to go away and try this method of innovating in your own business. There’s collaborating, and then there’s swarming.

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