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A Marxist-Capitalist Approach To Business: Meet Simon Biltcliffe

Episode Summary

Webmart CEO Simon Biltcliffe talks about his “marxist-capitalist” approach to business. Key takeaways: The marxist-capitalist business model Transforming his employees into entrepreneurs How they hire new people Why they do biannual team peer-reviews Simon’s book recommendations

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Webmart, a print management business in Bicester.

Simon’s on a mission to make print more affordable for everybody. He’s built an amazing business with some impressive specs! They’ve capped the number of people, they share profit share with employees, Simon’s capped his salary and the business is owned by a trust so he couldn’t sell it even if he wanted to.

Simon declares himself a “marxist-capitalist”, because without capitalism there’s no wealth, and without wealth there’s no redistribution. Join us for a fascinating conversation with plenty of takeaways for everybody!

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