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The Incredible Power of Clear, Heartfelt Communication: Meet Adam Fairhead

Episode Summary

English entrepreneur and philanthropist Adam Fairhead talks about why it’s so important for companies to communicate coherently and send out clear messages that people can resonate with. Key takeaways: Making communication clearer and more efficient Adam’s book, “Marketing Isn’t About You” The magic of having a service-oriented one-page scrollable website Adam’s book recommendations

Episode Notes

Adam Fairhead is an English entrepreneur and philanthropist. He founded the Fairhead Group which serves cause-driven companies with the mission of helping difference makers make a difference.

Today I’m talking to Adam about why it’s so important for companies to have a purpose. He works for and has the biggest impact on businesses that are seeking to change the world. We talk about how he does that, what his process is, the coaches that he has on staff and what they do with clients to help them get their message right.

He’s also written a book called “Marketing Isn’t About You”. You can register for a free copy (when it comes out in March) here.

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