The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse

Scaling Up and Creating Culture with Dominic Monkhouse

Episode Summary

The interviewer has become the interviewee in this podcast. This is the episode where Dom was a guest on FizzPopBANG - The Culture Consultancy podcast. Insightful and entertaining! Key takeaways: The reason Dom became a business coach The biggest influence on his career Dom’s coaching programme Culture and leadership How to work without managers Rhythms not processes The importance of accountability for employees Who shapes culture?

Episode Notes

Today we are turning the spotlight on… Dom himself.

A couple of months ago Dom interviewed Carla and Imogen from FizzPopBANG - The Culture Consultancy on The Melting Pot and in turn, they kindly invited Dom to be a guest on their PopCAST.

This episode is that episode.

Now the interviewer has become the interviewee and it’s about time - Dom rarely talks about his background on the podcasts, focusing instead on the achievements and the expertise of the guests who feature on The Melting Pot podcast. So it’s a refreshing change to get a behind the scenes look at how Dom came to be fronting The Melting Pot podcast, and what his career journey to date has been like.

In essence, Dom is a certified Scaling Up Coach with effective tools and techniques to help propel companies forward. He took Rackspace to £30 million in five years, and then at Peer 1, he took the business from nothing to £30 million in five years, and globally £19 million to £200 million.

He works with tech businesses helping them scale up. These are businesses that typically have somewhere between £10 and £100 million. They have an ambitious CEO who wants to scale, but has sailed into choppy waters.

“I guess nobody rings me if everything's going completely smoothly, so for one reason or another, the wheels are starting to wobble or something's not quite right. And they get in touch and if there's some chemistry then I get to help.”

Dom’s secret to scaling up? It’s always about the people and always about the culture.

We hope you find this podcast insightful, and that you enjoy listening to it as much as Dom did making it.

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