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Powering Technology with the Human Element: Meet Barnaby Lashbrooke

Episode Summary

Barnaby Lashbrooke, founder and CEO of Time etc, simultaneously helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and provides meaningful work for stay at home moms. Today I talked to Barnaby about creating a human experience with a largely virtual workforce. Key takeaways: Cultural shifts around the virtual workforce Building high performance teams Creating a human-focused corporate culture Eliminating hierarchies and creating a flat office

Episode Notes

Today I am talking to Barnaby Lashbrooke, founder and CEO of Time etc, an award winning virtual assistant service that helps entrepreneurs and leaders achieve more, without working harder. Through Time etc., Barnaby simultaneously provides a resources to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, while providing an opportunity for stay at home moms to find meaningful work on their own terms.

While Time etc. is primarily a workforce of virtual employees (around 700 employees across the UK and USA, with a home office of around 30 employees) Barnaby emphasises the human experience as an essential element of company culture. We talk about how this plays out both in the experience of his employees and in the engagement that his clients receive.

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