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The Challenge of Scale with Ben Fletcher

Episode Summary

Ben Fletcher is a serial entrepreneur, the CEO of Lead Bullets and the proud maker of multiple mistakes Key takeaways: How Lead Bullets helps founders of businesses How Ben ended up with an events business by trying to get out of events What they do differently to every other events company Define your mission if you want to achieve success Ben’s favourite mistakes The importance of hiring the right people Why raising money isn’t always the answer

Episode Notes

Entrepreneurs are told time and again to embrace failure, to be proud of failure, to not be ashamed of failure. But failure is still something that is brushed under the carpet, something you shouldn’t be proud of. And so today’s guest, Ben Fletcher of Lead Bullets, is a breath of fresh air.

Ben is a serial entrepreneur and the proud maker of multiple mistakes, many of which Dom talks to him about in this episode. Because at the heart of it, Ben’s mistakes are what drives him. In fact, when asked what he would go back and change in the past, knowing what he knows now, he replies:

“I've learned so much from those mistakes, it'd be really hard to do anything that fundamentally changed the way my life worked out.”

And it’s those mistakes that have carved out his current role - the one that sees him help entrepreneurs and CEOs of fast growth companies not make some of the mistakes that he himself made. It doesn't matter what the industry is, or the sector the business is involved in, a scaling business is a complex thing that trips people up time and again, and always in the same places.

Dom and Ben talk about how to set objectives and why that's important; about hiring good people; about not being on the edge and losing innovation and most importantly, not spending time with your problem children.

This is a really fantastic conversation, one that we enjoyed hugely, so happy listening.

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