The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse

Nicole Yershon - Turning Disruption into Advantage

Episode Summary

On today’s episode of The Melting Pot, we talk to Nicole Yershon, founder and CEO of the NY Collective. The company uses a leverage-business model that turns disruption to advantage. Key takeaways: Why being disruptive isn’t a bad thing Why you can’t affect change without the right people How she was so successful at Gold Greenlees and Trott The Fearless Breakfast (and the problem with fear) How she wrote her book What’s in her Fearless Manifesto

Episode Notes

On today’s episode of The Melting Pot we talk to Nicole Yershon, founder and CEO of the NY Collective, a leverage-model business that was created to disrupt the traditional practices of consulting and marketing agencies, and to get to the heart of a business’ problem, whether operational or strategic, as quickly as possible.

Nicole is the original rough diamond: she wasn’t a yes-girl, she asked the awkward questions, she queried the processes and she side-stepped authority and the chain of command to get things done. Her measure of success wasn’t financial, it was in her ability to move people from an analogue world to a digital world.

On today’s podcast: