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Matt Johnson: Bringing Electronics and Our Environment Together

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is Matt Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Bare Conductive, a company that integrates electronics directly into the environment. Key takeaways: Why the company is about more than just ink Why they’re still figuring out how to get the most from their product How they’ve whittled their applications down to 3, from 53 Why they struggle with identifying who the customer is Why sticking with the original plan is so tough How they’ve managed to run a lean start up

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is CEO and co-founder of Bare Conductive, Matt Johnson. Bare Conductive is a company inventing radical new ways to interact with and place electronics in our environment. With key customers such as Ikea and Dupont, this relatively new London-based technology startup is developing a platform of sensing technologies based around its electrically conductive paint and capacitive hardware.

Since launching its first product in 2011, Bare Conductive has sold over 220,000 units in more than 120 countries, as well as winning a number of competitions including Innovate UK’s Digital Disruptive Solutions £100k award, been nominated for Design of the Year Award by the Design Museum, and received an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica, this self-funded company is going from strength to strength.

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