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Rethinking Education: Meet Liz Robinson

Episode Summary

Liz Robinson is a passionate leader on a mission to create significant changes in the current educational system. Key takeaways: The flaws in our current education system Engaging children to be active change agents A school with no rules Surrey Square’s seven core values Innovating quality assurance Tracking progress using personal excellence journey books

Episode Notes

At 29, Liz Robinson was the youngest headteacher in England. She took on a pretty rough inner city school (Surrey Square Primary School) which she turned into a fantastic place. She’s done it in a remarkable way, by throwing away the rule book.

I first met Liz six months ago when I visited the school. I was absolutely blown away with how positive and amazing the parents and the teachers were, given its location in a very challenging environment.

After being the headmaster of Surrey Square for 10 years, Liz just started a new role with Big Education, an organization on a mission to change the education system by empowering teachers and leaders to ask bigger questions about what schools should or could stand for.

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