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Rethinking The Sales Process with Justin Roff-Marsh

Episode Summary

Justin Roff-Marsh from Ballistix is on a mission to shatter the myths around what makes sales people great. Key takeaways: Why sales should learn from effective operations and production environments, what Ballistix does, why companies’ approach to sales is wrong, why the sales environment needs to feature division of labour, the misplaced focus on marketing, why we shouldn’t pay salespeople commission, and why sales isn’t all about personal relationships.

Episode Notes

If you’re wondering why your sales team isn’t converting, maybe it isn’t time to double the size of the team; maybe it’s time to rethink your whole sales process.

In fact, while you’re at it, why don’t you scale back the sales’ team responsibilities, divide up their tasks, division of labour, so to speak, and have your sales executives responsible for just, sales…


Maybe, but this approach to sales is what today’s guest, Justin Roff-Marsh advocates not just in his book, The Machine, but with his management consultancy company, Ballistix.

“Typically we will either build a sales function entirely from scratch, or we will work with [a company] on the rebuild of their sales function. I say sales function loosely because actually most of the work that we do is building the functions or rebuilding the functions that are adjacent to sales, so as to make sales more productive.”

Having dedicated the last 15 years of his 30 year career to developing a scientific approach to the design and management of sales processes, Justin is incredibly well placed to discuss why companies need to rethink their sales function if they hope to scale. Because Justin is on a mission to shatter the myths around what makes sales people great.

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