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[Rebroadcast] Alexandra Eavis - Harnessing Tech To Improve Lives

Episode Summary

Alexandra (Alex) Eavis--co-founder of Dovetail Lab, How Do I?, and Alcove--talks about how technology can be used to help those who need it most, and and shares thoughts on what it is like to work for something you believe in. Key takeaways: Investing in technologies to revolutionize for the future What it takes to make a social impact, and a profit The democratization of content creation Creating aspirational products Creating a space for a digital detox in our lives

Episode Notes

Alexandra (Alex) Eavis is the co-founder of three distinct businesses that are tied by a common theme: harnessing technology to make life better, in a meaningful way.

In 2017 Alex co-founded two companies. In January she took on the role of Director as Co-Founder of How Do I?, a social enterprise for a special needs school that uses NFC technology in vocational learning. By the end of the year she helped launch a blockchain platform to drive better information sharing in healthcare as Co-Founder and CEO of Dovetail Lab. She previously Co-Founded Alcove, another tech-based company that uses machine learning to assist older and disabled adults in their lives, and careers.

For entrepreneurial success Alex credits hiring people who are smart and passionate, and talks about the importance of doing what you love.

On the podcast we talked about: