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Converting a Hobby into a Successful Video Games Business: Meet Craig Fletcher

Episode Summary

Craig Fletcher, founder of video games events & online hosting company Multiplay, talks about how he turned his hobby into a successful business. Key takeaways: Two businesses in one: a video games success story How Twitch changed the gaming landscape Multiplay’s slow, organic growth Getting acquired by GAME Digital What Craig would now do differently Craig’s book recommendations for the curious and entrepreneurial

Episode Notes

My guest this week is Craig Fletcher, the founder and former Chief Exec of Multiplay.

Multiplay is a video games industry and events & online services company which has now been split into two separate businesses: the events business and the online hosting part.

If you’ve ever attended the Insomnia Gaming Festival, UK’s largest video games festival, then you might have already heard of Multiplay, which is its producer.

On today’s podcast: