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Watertight Marketing - How to Not Waste Money on Marketing with Bryony Thomas

Episode Summary

Bryony Thomas is an author and developer of Watertight Marketing. She is a font of knowledge that will help you to grow your business. Key takeaways: What the Watertight Marketing methodology is Don’t think of marketing as something that can be finished The importance of language Why a marketing funnel is the wrong analogy for successful marketing Marketing isn’t a checklist to be completed, it’s a mindset to be adopted How Bryony’s marketing transformation programme works

Episode Notes

Dominic’s aim for The Melting Pot is to enable other businesses to optimise their business performance, to help them scale up. And so this week’s guest, Bryony Thomas, marketing guru, author and developer of marketing methodology - Watertight Marketing, is the authority on how to grow your business through marketing.

Having worked in marketing since 1997, Bryony has not only garnered a wealth of experience in the industry, but she’s written the book on it.

“Nobody needs more marketing ideas, they need fewer on which to truly focus. And one of the things that Watertight really does is get people to prioritise and focus in on the one thing to be doing right now.”

Having watched so many businesses waste money on marketing and finding that she was repeating herself constantly, Bryony decided to put her extensive marketing knowledge down on paper.

And so it’s this book and the fundamentals of marketing that Dominic discusses with Bryony in this episode. So if you’re keen to stop wasting time and money on ineffectual marketing, stop what you’re doing and tune in. It will be the best decision you made today.

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