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Sandler Training and Making Channel Sales Work with David Davies

Episode Summary

If you’re wondering how to make your salespeople more effective, listen to Sandler trainer David Davies in this week’s episode of The Melting Pot. Key takeaways: The most successful organisation he’s been involved in Why David become a Sandler trainer How the Sandler approach is different Why David’s clients are predominantly tech businesses Selling is a mutual problem solving exercise The industry sin isn't commission Why PowerPoint is still relevant in sales How to work more effectively with partners

Episode Notes

If you’re wondering if your business could have a channel as a route to market, then you’ve come to the right place.

Are you wondering if you could have 1, 10, even 100 sales people selling your product or service? Then you need to listen to Sandler trainer David Davies in this week’s episode of The Melting Pot.

Perhaps you want your salespeople to be more effective, but you know that no one likes pushy salespeople, so where is the balance to be struck?

“Having ‘salesperson’ on your business card does not make you a professional salesperson. And yet with all those millions and millions of pounds invested in sales, training, sales techniques and sales tactics, the results are the same today as they were when I started out.”

David has been in sales for over 35 years. He’s now a Sandler trainer based in Reading, Berkshire and the vast majority of the time he’s been involved in tech. But that doesn’t mean that what he’s got to say isn’t relevant to your industry, because David’s approach to sales is applicable whatever your business.

“The Sandler sales methodology is a B2C business as much as a B2B business. It’s as much for the individual as it is for the organisation.”

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