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Cutting through the marketing bullsh*t with Sander Arts

Episode Summary

Today’s guest on The Melting Pot is Dutch-born Sander Arts, a global award-winning CMO who co-wrote Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing. Key takeaways: Why he wrote the book Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing Key nuggets from the book, including “Everything needs to be people-to-people” Why he focuses on ROI in marketing, rather than branding and awareness The main challenge for businesses doing work in China Interesting developments in the IoT space out of Silicon Valley Lessons from the Microchip acquisition

Episode Notes

Today’s guest on The Melting Pot is Dutch-born Sander Arts. His list of titles is as long as your arm—Consultant, Strategic Advisor, Board Member, Author, Fractional CMO, Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Lecturer.

Sander is a global award-winning CMO, strategic advisor, entrepreneur, and lecturer who has extensive experience increasing revenue and meaningfully reaching technical audiences that have been historically considered not to care about marketing—mainly hardware and software engineers.

As the founder of his own strategic marketing consultancy, Orange Tulip, LLC, in Silicon Valley, Sander is renowned for his Dutch directness and his “no-bullsht” approach, as well as his ability to build global high-performing teams and generate results that matter. This dynamic, creative senior executive is clearly the ideal person to write a book called Cut the Bullsht Marketing.

On today’s podcast: