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Learn the Art of Public Speaking with the Accidental Orator, Graham Davies

Episode Summary

If you want (or need) to be a great public speaker, then don’t miss this episode of The Melting Pot with The Presentation Coach, Graham Davies. Key takeaways: How he became The Presentation Coach What he looks for in clients who need his help His process for teaching the art of public speaking Why you want to make people feel, rather than listen The power of persuasive speech How TED talks have turned public speaking into rock and roll The benefit of ruthless preparation Developing your micro message

Episode Notes

If you want (or need) to be a great public speaker, if you want to enthral your audience and be remembered, then don’t miss this episode of The Melting Pot. Because Graham Davies, the self-titled reformed barrister turned accidental orator, is not just a captivating public speaker. Graham is also a renowned public speaking coach whose list of blue-chip corporate and individual high-profile clients reads like an international Who’s Who and includes 8 FTSE 100 CEOs and 20 Cabinet Ministers across successive governments.

Graham started life as a barrister, practising law for 12 years, but found a new calling in the late 80s and early 90s when he discovered that there was a budding marketplace for professional after dinner speakers and there was good money to be made doing it.

Leveraging his identity as a barrister by day and public entertainer by night, he eventually found himself giving 100 after-dinner speeches a year, whilst maintaining his day job working as a barrister 9 days out of 10, and something had to give.

It wasn’t a hard choice to make - he not only enjoyed public speaking more than law, but it paid better too.

Ever the consummate professional, Graham began turning up to his speaking engagements earlier and earlier, listening to the speakers who preceded him, and he realised that public speaking was not, as is commonly thought, an innate skill that we all have.

And so began his second and current career as The Presentation Coach.

Listen to this fantastic high energy, high octane discussion with Graham. We’re sure you'll enjoy it.

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