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Innovating Within the Tech Landscape: Meet Mike Tobin

Episode Summary

Serial tech entrepreneur Mike Tobin talks about his passion for technology, innovation and charity. Key takeaways: Why it’s important to have realistic performance expectations Keeping up with the times is not optional, it’s essential Mike’s involvement in charity projects Why fear is an irrational emotion Having a vision is more important than planning on a strategy Work-life balance just doesn’t exist

Episode Notes

Today I’m interviewing Mike Tobin, former CEO of Telecity. Mike has over 30 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur and he’s now working with a number of businesses across multiple continents.

He’s also got significant charitable interests. In 2016 Mike raised over £100k running 40 marathons in 40 consecutive days. He’s now preparing for an unaided trek across Antarctica planned for next year. On top of that, he’s started a podcast with his son and written two books.

On today’s podcast: